Elder Care Seminars and Presentations

Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers and Certified Care Managers

Professional seminars provided by Coaching Caregivers, LLC have been approved for continuing education credit for Social Workers and the Commission for Case Manager Certification for Case Managers (CCM).

Current Offerings Include

·  BIOETHICAL DECISION MAKING: Considerations for Advance Planning

As the American health care system grows more complex, especially in the wake of the Terri Schiavo case, there is a growing public awareness of the need for advance planning involving end of life decisions. Conflicts among health care processionals, patients, families and payers are almost inevitable given the growing number of choices available, particularly when it comes to terminal prognoses and death. Participants in this seminar will learn of the controversy surrounding the living will, the use of the out-of-hospital do not resuscitate order and legal considerations of capacity that impact the individual’s right to voluntary decision making. Issues of voluntary versus involuntary approaches to ethical decision making will be explored using clinical examples.


The elderly have the highest rate of completed suicide of all age groups. In the United States, white males aged 80 and older have 6 times the overall national rate. Diagnostic and therapeutic programs designed specifically for the depressed elderly are now being developed. Geriatric practitioners need to be aware of the methods of suicide assessment, treatment and prevention. Participants will gain an understanding of depression in the elderly and discern trends, causes and motives for suicide specific to this age group. Suicide treatment methods and prevention will be explored, including the recognition and response to suicidal behavior. Attendees will learn how suicide in the elderly differs from other age groups, be able to identify those at risk for suicide, and learn appropriate responses to suicidal ideation and gestures.