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A message from our founder, James Ferry, LICSW, C-ASWCM

FerryBio_359_SmallAfter earning my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University, I began my professional career as a social worker and discharge planner in a physical rehabilitation hospital. In that position, I worked with many families struggling in crisis when their aging family member experienced a life-changing illness or injury. My interest in elder care issues evolved from this: I found that many family caregivers become overwhelmed by the stress and strain of managing the changes resulting from medical crises. This is particularly true for relatives who live far away and have families and jobs of their own.

AgingLifeCare_Member_Logo_ColorTo meet this need, I began my Aging Life Care™ Management career in 1992. My social work background provides my ability to practice what I call the “psychosocial” aspects of caring for seniors, helping them to age well while strengthening the relationships with the people who care for them. In 2003, I established the current name for my business, Coaching Caregivers, LLC.

As an Aging Life Care™ Manager, I offer solutions and support to busy adults with caregiving responsibilities. Unlike hospital-based case managers, I work for you and your family. My sole concerns is to meet your care and planning goals. Unlike Senior Placement Advisors, I do not receive kickbacks that influence my recommendations.

You receive personalized decision support, drawing upon my education and expertise in the interwoven areas of:

  • Family relations
  • Housing
  • Finances
  • Advocacy
  • Local resources
  • Legal concerns
  • Health and disability
  • Crisis intervention

Coaching Caregivers LLC provides programs, products and services to caregivers who live and work across the nation. I particularly enjoy sharing solutions with those who have the desire to begin or resume personal and professional achievement, outside of their role as caregiver.

In addition to my career experience, I am “ABD” (All But Dissertation) for a Ph.D in Social Work at the University at Albany.

By hiring me, you receive the benefits of my:

I live in Deerfield, MA with my wife, herself a physician, and family.