For attorneys

As an attorney, your expertise is the law. But sometimes your clients need an objective assessment of a different nature. Perhaps there is concern about cognitive impairment, or disagreements among family members about an elder’s ability to live independently. Maybe the client has serious mental health or behavioral issues. Or there are problems with abuse.

As an Aging Life Care™ Manager, we can assist you by bringing our 25 years of experience and advanced training to the table. We can help you by providing guidance for those difficult familial and emotional situations, as well as cases complicated by significant legal and psychological impairments.

Give us a call when you need:

  • Expert evaluations and visitor reports required for court documentation.
  • Recommendations for appropriate care options (e.g., in home, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities).
  • Coordination of services from multiple providers.
  • Knowledgeable advocacy with physicians, hospitals, facilities and insurers.
  • On-going care management in collaboration with a legal guardian or conservator.
  • Facilitation of family meetings and communication with long-distance relatives.
  • Quick response to urgent situations.
  • Professional, objective yet caring assessments can help you increase client satisfaction and untangle tense family situations. Let’s talk! 413-775-4570.

“Jim Ferry has provided invaluable support in those areas of my law practice which generate questions regarding geriatric care issues. He has taught me a lot about how the system works relative to the structuring of a plan of support for various clients of mine who are receiving geriatric care. In addition, Jim has been very helpful to me personally in answering many difficult questions relating to the plan of care that I have been developing over the last six months for both of my parents. Jim brings a calm, patient and intelligent approach to his work. This is a magical combination of skills given the emotional difficulties that are inevitably encountered in this field of work.”
— Peter, Attorney, Northampton, Massachusetts