For Concerned Professionals

Services for Attorneys, Legal Agents, and Guardians
Coaching Caregivers LLC often provides care-management assistance to clients who are under the supervision of an attorney or trust officer. If you are an attorney or trustee who needs help ensuring the health and safety of a valued older or disabled client, we would welcome the opportunity to consult with you. We also work closely with elder-law attorneys to provide care management or expert witness consultancies.

“Attorneys may use the services of a GCM for a professional assessment of complex clinical situation in a home care facility or in the community. Trust officers find that a GCM plays a key part in a professional assessment to assure the provision of well-targeted, cost-effective care for elders.”
— GCM-New England Chapter

Our associates are also available for interviews, on-site seminars, and workshops. We are happy to provide information for tabletop set-ups, articles for company newsletters and Intranet use, and willingly serve as on-call advisors to HR managers for help responding to their colleagues’ elder-care crises.

“Jim Ferry has provided invaluable support in those areas of my law practice which generate questions regarding geriatric care issues. He has taught me a lot about how the system works relative to the structuring of a plan of support for various clients of mine who are receiving geriatric care. In addition, Jim has been very helpful to me personally in answering many difficult questions relating to the plan of care that I have been developing over the last six months for both of my parents. Jim brings a calm, patient and intelligent approach to his work. This is a magical combination of skills given the emotional difficulties that are inevitably encountered in this field of work.”
— Peter, Attorney, Northampton, Massachusetts