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Welcome to Coaching Caregivers LLC


We provide care management to elderly and disabled adults, and our consulting and coaching sessions help caregivers achieve balanced, fulfilling lives, even in the face of uncertainty and panic.

While our office is in Northampton we assist family caregivers and help manage the care of elderly and disabled adults in all of the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts including Longmeadow, Greater Springfield and all of Hampden County as well as Amherst, Deerfield and all of Hampshire and Franklin County.

We also provide services to clients and family members in all of Berkshire County including Williamstown, Lenox and Great Barrington.

We always seek to create and implement a plan of care personalized around the needs of the care recipient.

Our work with clients often begins with an initial consultation meeting at our office.  Sessions are designed to be informative but also supportive.  There is no limit to the number of sessions that can occur.  In some cases family caregivers are advised and supported around the care of an elderly or disabled family member over the course of many sessions.

Clients and family caregivers can be further assisted with care management services involving the assessment of and implementation and coordination of a plan of care. We carefully monitor the plan of care for appropriateness and quality.

Communication and sensitivity to questions, concerns and feelings of all involved is a primary objective.


Coaching Caregivers has no proprietary business relationships with care agencies, facilities, or specific medical providers. While we make service recommendations, our staff and clinicians do not provide hands-on, day-to-day care. Thus, with no conflict of interest, our assessments are objective and our care plan recommendations are based solely upon what is best for our clients.